Houff's Feed & Fertilizer has been successfully land applying industrial and municipal biosolids in the Shenandoah Valley for over twenty years.  Around 1990 we began work with a local food industry and area farmers to successfully re-use and recyle the organic solids that were a residual of the wastewater treatment process.  Since those first days, the biosolids division of our company has grown tremendously to include a diverse portfolio of municipal and industrial clients in Rockingham and Augusta Counties.  We have provided service on both small and large scales, at intermittent schedules and for multi-year contracts.  We handle both liquid and dewatered biosolids for surface or subsurface application, allowing us to respond to changing weather and field conditions and still deliver consistent service to both generators and farmers.  

From permitting and reporting, to scheduling and performing work, to management of public relations, Houff’s is committed to taking care of all aspects of biosolids disposal from beginning to end.  As a full-service agronomic company, no contractor is in a better position than we are to coordinate biosolids application with the other nutrient and crop considerations on the farm.  For more information about how to become a part of our biosolids program, please contact us today.
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