With a prime location on the Shenandoah Valley Railroad, Houff's Feed & Fertilizer has the facilities to offer transloading services to local and regional companies looking to reduce freight costs on core raw materials.  Houff's operates a 5,500 ft private rail siding on the SVRR that gives access to both Norfolk Southern and CSX rail systems, allowing a unique opportunity to get competitive pricing from national rail carriers.  We can handle all types of materials including liquids, pellets, dry bulk, cake, granules, dust, prill as well as any palletized or specially packaged goods.  We offer direct offloading services, will build-to-suit storage facilities or deliver on demand.  Houff's operates a fleet of semi trailers with ample power units available to handle any size job.  Furthermore, IDM Trucking is a sister company located on the same premisis that provides regional truck transportation to the eastern seaboard and beyond.  Together these companies can combine contract carrier flexibility with the consistency and cost savings of rail transportation.  

For more information on transloading, call Neil Houff toll free at (866) 224-9246 today.
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